All our watches

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All our watches

Postby JayKay » Mon Sep 05, 2016 12:53 pm

Something very rare occured today - girlfriend forgot to wear a watch so all our current watches were present in the dedicated box, so I thought I'd use it as a photo opportunity :D


Top row: Cartier Tank, Pierre Cardin, Rotary, J. Chevalier.
Bottom row: Tissot, Guess, "Rolex", Jaques Lemans (last three are mine).

The Tissot was the only watch my girlfriend had when I met her, and it was out of battery. Although I've changed the battery she never uses it.

Unfortunately one watch is missing. The steel, stone-set Rotary I got her last year is sadly dead :cry: She dropped it on a stone floor which was too much to handle for all the details on the dial - the stones, some of the index markers and even some of the lettering just detached. Amazingly the glass survived, but the watch is useless. Too bad, but she didn't use it that much. May consider a replacement. As you see there's room for more new watches ;)

Image Image

Image Image Image Image

(Since these photos were taken, the Rotary has been steelpolished and "de-plated" so to speak, and fitted with a bracelet. You can see the result here and here.)

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